Better Halfs is the only virtual administration business in the nation that specializes in services tailored to fit the needs of Financial Advisors. With access to top-notch technology, we are able to assist you and your clients from state to state without constraints or barriers. We’ll help you streamline your practice and increase production, all while you’re relaxing on the golf course!

Reception – We will provide you with your very own toll-free number that will direct your clients to a live, friendly voice. There’s no need to change your number or redirect your clients, simply forward the phone line you use now to your new number. A Better Halfs representative will answer the phone with your designated greeting and forward the call to you or place the call into your personal voicemail if needed.

Client Management – No more pesky tasks to take up your valuable time. We will send out your clients’ Birthday Cards, Anniversary Letters/ End of Term Letters, Holiday Cards, Thank You Cards, Newsletters, and most importantly we will handle your clients’ Policy Administration paperwork. How much time do you spend talking to your clients about the free withdrawals they want to take or beneficiary changes and shuffling paperwork for these tasks when you could be out selling? With Better Halfs, your calendar has just cleared up.

Appointment Maintenance – Clients are calling, they need to meet with you but your calendar is so confusing you don’t when to be where. Let us organize your appointments during your scheduled “meeting times” and we’ll call the day before to confirm those appointments as well. Meeting with a new prospect? We will also send them an appointment confirmation letter, turning that appointment into a commitment. How often do you show up for a meeting and your client has forgotten, so you’ve made that long drive just to stand on the doorstep knocking when you could be having lunch with your spouse? With Better Halfs, lost time is a thing of the past.

Seminar Coordinator – Have you ever called the call center that is taking the reservations for your seminars? Give it a try sometime and you’ll wonder why you’re paying them to take your calls. We will assign you a toll-free number for your mail piece and prospects will be greeted by a friendly voice in a quiet atmosphere. That same representative will also be calling them back to confirm their attendance. Your prospect is already establishing a relationship with your office staff, not some stranger who could care less whether they show up or not.

New Business Processing – I have three words for you…Get – Paid – Faster. Better Halfs will scrub your applications for missing information and forms before it is sent off to avoid amendments and addendums that delay your commissions. Most importantly, we will track and expedite your fund transfers. On average, we get funds to move in nearly half the time insurance companies do thanks to our years of experience and established relationships. We will update you and your clients each week on the status of pending applications so that no one is kept in the dark as to what is going on. Communication is the key to keeping your prospects and clients happy. If they have just signed over their life savings to you, it’s important that someone holds their hand in the process. Peace of mind is what you’re offering, let Better Halfs make your promise happen.

Commission Reporting & Reconciling – Insurance companies are perfect and they do everything right. I have never, ever heard this statement come out of anyone’s mouth and I don’t expect I ever will. Yet, most advisors get paid and don’t think twice about whether they received the correct amount or not or they have so much volume they aren’t tracking to confirm they were ever even paid on a piece of business. In fact, let’s take that one step further and take your subagents into consideration. Better Halfs will track your commissions and create reports for you. The next time you wonder if your subagent is worth the trouble, you’ll be able to see with the click of a mouse.